Whitestone Integrated Care Facility

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We are now in extensive communication with a range of stakeholders to deliver this exciting project. Since 2013 the Whitestone Team in partnership with its award winning Patient Participation Group has pioneered over 20 new clinics and services while successfully managing a patient population growth of over 82%. This integrated care facility will significantly enhance these new services and continue to revolutionise the delivery of health care for our local community.

Proposed Services by Floor Level


Ground Floor First Floor Second Floor Third Floor
Primary Care Services Secondary Health Care Services Allied Health Care Professionals Community Services
GP Practice Outpatients services Academic Research Patient Participation Group
Minor Surgery Diabetes Dentists Social Prescribing
Community Pharmacy Cardiology Podiatry Toddler & Parent Group
Shared Administration Orthopaedic Dieticians Bible Hour
Phlebotomy Occupational Therapists Coffee Socializing Time
Physiotherapy Orthoptists Hobby Groups
Radiology Opticians Charity Space
Speech & Language Therapists Bingo


Map of GP surgeries in Nuneaton and Bedworth


GP Surgeries in Nuneaton and Bedworth

What others are saying about this project



Matt Jones CEO Guideposts

Matt Jones
CEO Guideposts

'The Whitestone Integrated Care Facility (ICF) project is a great example of how we could make health and care support less complicated, easier to navigate, more local and responsive. The outcomes being better outcomes for those we are all seeking to support.'


Letter of Support Guideposts

Letter of Support


Download full letter of support

Glen Burley Chief Executive George Eliot Hospital

Glen Burley Chief Executive George Eliot Hospital

Glen Burley
Chief Executive George Eliot Hospital

'We are committed to the concept of integration across the health and social care systems. Moving services closer to home will release clincal space at the George Eliot hospital to meet the needs of the population growth cited in the borough plan.'

Cllr Jeff Morgan Cabinet Member Children’s Services WCC, Member for Bulkington and Whitestone

Cllr Jeff Morgan

Cllr Jeff Morgan

'I completely support Dr Simon’s vision of an integrated care facility in the Whitestone area. For too long we have been under doctored and his plan would help attract new medical professionals to work here as well as relieving some pressure from the George Eliot hospital. The benefits to local residents would be considerable.'

Oxford University's Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences

Lawrence Dawson Group Head of Social Prescription Research

Lawrence Dawson
Group Head of Social Prescription Research

'We support this integrated care facility bid. It gives us an excellent central location to work with a range of healthcare providers to attempt to standardise the development of new models of care pathways and managing clinical conditions.'


Letter of Support - Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences, Oxford University

Letter of Support


Download full letter of support

Di Kent, Former Chair Whitestone Surgery Patient Participation Group, Former Director of Nursing George Eliot hospital

Di Kent

Diane Kent
Former WS-PPG Chair

'This building will facilitate the delivery of services in a purpose built unit within the heart of our local community. It will allow you to prescibe and steer your own pathway of care through the services made available to you all in one building. If you want to socialise you can also do that. Much thought has been given to the holistic approach to health and well being in the development of this purpose built facility.'

Whitestone Surgery Patients

'Whitestone integrated health facility is a excellent idea provided patient access to request or book appointments is also improved.'


'It would help reduce loneliness if the scheme included those who were not carers or the cared for but those who sit alone in their homes. This assumes that these people could reach the centre but perhaps a coach from a local charity could pick up'

WJ Lives in Whitestone Area

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